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Strategic Planning

Jaywing PR is built on a foundation of data intelligence, with strategic planning at the heart of everything we do.

We ensure that our proposed communications strategy is bespoke and therefore right for each business and brand by becoming an extension of in-house teams, starting from the first moment we meet a new client

Our team will spend time within an organisation to learn what makes it so successful and explore the best methods to share stories and make sure they are heard. We want to ensure that we can have the biggest impact on business goals.

We use a wide range of brand and audience insight tools, including Rival IQ, Whisper, YouGov Profiling and YouGov Brand Index, PA Mediapoint, Brandwatch, Pulsar and Gorkana to name just a few. Alongside the team’s traditional and new media expertise - we devise a strategy that informs all key channels, as well as underpinning every piece of work we do.

We’ve never been an agency that targets itself solely on the number of outputs per month; our goal is to use the vast range of skills and experience in our team to deliver the best campaign possible and build a client’s business.

Drawing on the expertise of departments across the Jaywing business - including brand development, conversion rate optimisation, programmatic display and paid and organic search - we make sure public relations activity complements any existing marketing strategy and delivers true business benefits.

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