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Social Media and Influencer Engagement

Social media, by its very nature, is constantly evolving. New channels offer more opportunities to engage with customers in ways that were not possible before. We can help you navigate all that.

From dedicated social media campaigns, to ongoing community management, we deliver a full range of social media services across platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat.

Our social media specialists analyse your audience to find the platforms and content that capture their attention, before devising a bespoke strategy that exposes them to your brand and inspires them to take action. Each element of that strategy is designed to work across multiple channels, and to deliver maximised reach and ROI.

As part of the Jaywing family, Jaywing PR has access to a huge pool of paid media specialists who we work with to design a campaign with the best mix of paid and organic social media to meet your objectives.

Our creative design and development team work with you to develop creative content that breaks through the noise on social media and makes your brand stand out from the masses.

We also have access to unique and industry leading influencer identification technology, such as Whisper. A tool we built ourselves using unique mathematical algorithms, after realising that the way that ‘influence’ was measured on social channels was outdated and, very simply, wrong. A person isn't influential just because they have a lot of followers, a person is influential if they can make another person act on what they say. And Whisper measures a person’s ability to do that, online. So when we identify influencers for you, you know that they’ll deliver actual results.

Our social reporting means you will always have the full picture of how your campaign is performing. We look beyond metrics such as likes and impressions to uncover how your audience is engaging with you. And importantly, we don’t try to turn your brand’s social media followers into ‘friends’. People don’t always want to be friends with a brand. They just don’t, and we don’t confuse that. What we do is build you an engaged and influenceable following to help achieve tangible business goals. 

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