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Regional and Local Community Engagement

Sometimes the best way to get the message well and truly home, is to give it to people on their doorsteps.

If you have bricks and mortar stores, regional PR is obviously important - to improve brand recognition at a local level, but also to get people into store. However it’s also important for bigger brands, and brands that only live online, to connect with people IRL.

Local PR can give a human face to a business, and help to create, or reinforce an emotional connection between brands and consumers. It can make an audience want to engage, not just because you have a product they want, but because they like you.

From sponsoring local events, to helping community charity initiatives, to just getting out there and meeting your audience face to face - doing something that genuinely and meaningfully affects a community isn't just something that can contribute to a CSR policy, it’s something that can also very directly affect your bottom line. By turning the average consumer into a brand champion, who won’t just buy your products, but will help sell them to others.



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