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The 7 influencers already making their mark on 2020

Danielle Harrod, Account Manager

The author

Danielle Harrod

Account Manager

Influencer marketing continued to rise in 2019, with 93% of marketers claiming to use the tactic in their strategies¹ last year - but, just a month into the new decade, which influencers have already made their mark on 2020?

Whether it’s because of their name in a headline, their campaigns or other activity, we’ve pulled together a list of seven influencers who already have our attention in 2020.

1. Klaudia Cloud

Klaudia Cloud instagram

Klaudia is a Freelance PR Consultant & Digital Manager (this isn’t why we chose her - promise!), turned skincare and lifestyle influencer and with a micro-influencer following, it’s amazing to see she already has the attention of some celebrity make-up artists, including Olivia Newman-Young. 

With an Instagram following of 21.1k, yet an impressive engagement rate of 6.58% (similar accounts sit at 1.17%), it’s clear she’s taking the industry by storm, appearing the ideal influencer to collaborate with - if you’re right for her brand of course! Klaudia keeps such a strong engagement rate by remaining authentic and being selective when it comes to who she will work with, sticking to the type of products her fans know they can trust she is using herself.

2. NikkieTutorials

With over 13 million Instagram followers and 13.2m YouTube subscribers, Nikkie is one of the most influential beauty names out there. So when she took to her channel to share her personal journey, it wasn’t surprising it made the headlines.

The reaction from fans, celebrities and other influencers has been heartwarming, as people praise the beauty icon for her bravery and honesty - just one more reason to admire her (as if her success and powerhouse attitude wasn’t enough?).

3. Zanna Van Dijk

Not only a successful fitness influencer with her own guides and a BBC podcast, Zanna launched her own unique swimwear collection with Natalie Glaze in 2019, made completely from plastic found in the ocean, in an attempt to save the seas and its wildlife.

Zanna has also openly shared her personal journey with bowel surgery, and the challenges she has faced along the way, remaining real and authentic along the way. We’re excited to see what else she has to bring to 2020!

4. Shudu

The last few years have given us the rise of influencers, and in 2018 we saw virtual influencers take to the internet, but 2019 gave us Shudu, the world’s first virtual supermodel/influencer - and she is taking the industry by storm.

Not only did she shoot with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia at the end of 2019, but 2020 has also already seen her collaborate with model Alexandra Maleek as part of a Global Muse Search, and we’re expecting to see her everywhere as the year goes on.

5. Jeffree Star

Breaking up can be hard, and no one has the answers for the best way to process it. But January saw heartbreak for one of the most famous influencers on the internet, Jeffree Star, and the celebrity favourite took to his channels to share his experience. The raw honesty portrayed in the content, not only received praise from his fans, but it made headlines. 

We love to see influencers use their channels to show they’re human and not just internet stars - although we wish it was under nicer circumstances for Jeffree, it’s always nice to be reminded they’re more than their best angle.

6. Molly Mae Hague


After her Love Island appearance last year, Molly made the most of her fame and has successfully made some serious waves in the industry, in no time at all. 

But Molly made the headlines in the past few weeks after breaching advertising rules for not making her contractual relationship with PrettyLittleThing clear to her followers. The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority), took action, banning the post and issuing a warning to the parties involved, reminding influencers, marketers, brands and agents of the importance of adhering to the rules and having firm guidelines in place. 

We don’t think this hiccup will impact her 2020 though, and we’re excited to see her new ventures - but we are curious if anyone from this year’s Love Island will rival her success?

7. Emily Valentine Parr

Emily (aka Style Lobster), has worked with some big brands in the last few years, including Tresemme, Estee Lauder and Decorte Beauty, but her biggest partnership of late has been particularly noteworthy. 

Her collaboration with skincare brand Neutrogena has been in place since 2019, but at the end of January 2020, she helped them launch their new Clear and Soothe range with a pop up event in Covent Garden, by providing tips and advice with those at the event. 

We love this kind of influencer collaboration, as it helps authenticate the shared interest between influencer and brand, by stepping away from social media for a second and sharing an experience.

The influencer space has changed so much since it first hit the marketing scene, and we have no doubt 2020 will see even more changes - keep an eye on our blog to see what we think along the way. From travel and food, to pet and gaming and everything in between, we will be discussing which influencers are making the most impact in their communities. 

If you want to find out more about how influencer marketing can help your brand, you can check out our work with Berghaus or get in touch to find out more.