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Social Selling: Make yourself industry famous

Charlotte Taylor, Account Manager

The author

Charlotte Taylor

Account Manager

You’ve hired your PR agency and your brand is securing national coverage. You’re hitting your marketing targets but are you forgetting about your own personal brand? As professionals, we need to think about how we sell ourselves on social media and for business purposes in particular, on LinkedIn.

So if you want to start social selling and get yourself and your company’s name out there in your field, here are a few tips and tricks to get you started.

You are an extension of your company or brand

LinkedIn has changed in recent years, it's much more than just a platform to visit when you want a new job or are hiring. You are now representing your company or brand like you would if you attended a networking event.

People buy from people

Social selling allows you to grow your network for free as opposed to more traditional tactics such as networking events that may cost money. Your social identity on platforms, such as LinkedIn, is a way of getting your personality across with potential recruits or new business and so it's important to be authentic in what you are talking about on your platform.

Position yourself as an expert

Position yourself as a subject matter expert by sharing relevant industry content, commenting on news alerts, and engaging with similar people in your field. Building genuine relationships with either potential recruits, prospects or peers by regularly engaging with their content will help build trust around you, contribute to your authenticity and make conversations easier.

Mechanics of LinkedIn

The algorithm favours content with quick engagement, for example, if something quickly gets ten likes it will appear at the top of the feed. LinkedIn likes variety and so experiment with various types of content that will create engagement with different people -  the algorithm will suppress content if it only engages the same people.

Start social selling and measuring the success

If you’re looking to start social selling on your brands’ behalf get a small group of people together to post on LinkedIn, leverage content and engage on social regularly. When sharing articles or blog content include a call action such as to visit your website. Experiment with different types of content and tone of voice and start to measure what content creates the most engagement. Most importantly, work on your personal brand as well as your company’s brand.

How do you use LinkedIn? Industry insight and updates? Connecting with peers? Let us know! If you want to find out more about how you can use LinkedIn to your advantage, get in touch.