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Month in Media - January 2019

Cheryl Cox, Group Account Director

The author

Cheryl Cox

Group Account Director

Every month, we gather and share the latest industry updates from the media landscape, and instead of selfishly keeping this insight to ourselves, we thought we would share them with you too.

By monitoring the media daily, we spot the latest news and PR campaigns from across the globe -  keep on reading to find out our favourites.

Publishing news

Image source: Buzzfeed

It’s been a tough time for global media outlets, with news of redundancies at Buzzfeed and Verizon, and The Pool is in crisis talks. This is sad news, and we’d like to wish everyone working at these outlets all the best and look forward to hopefully working with them again in the future. Elsewhere, a new publication from Condé Nast, Vogue Business, has just been launched, specifically targeting fashion professionals.  

In light of these events, how is our society consuming news? We’ve seen the fall of print media with millennials and Generation Z, could it be that digital media is heading the same way? Rather than dying, the landscape seems to be changing.

Niche, targeted publications such as Vogue Business are being launched, and whilst we’ll keep a close eye on the developments there, it seems it’s the broader outlets that are struggling to cut through the noise. Not only do they have to compete with rival publications, but they also have to be the first to react to breaking news and offer something new and exciting for readers, who have a plethora of media outlets at their disposal. Considering we’re in a 24-hour news cycle, this is no mean feat.

With less resource and more pressures, we’ll be keeping a close eye on further developments within the industry and incorporating any significant changes into our PR strategies.

Influencer marketing news

Influencer marketing has been the hot topic of the month across all media, with the launch of two documentaries detailing all the failures of the doomed Fyre Festival. This combined with the CMA (the Competitions and Markets Authority) naming and shaming influencers who have not been labelling their paid partnerships has put the marketing method firmly in the spotlight.

We’ve always been transparent with our influencer marketing campaigns, ensuring both our clients and the influencers we work with publicly state the nature of the paid partnership. This has been best practice in the search landscape for years (everyone remembers the Interflora scandal in 2013), and so nothing new for us at Jaywing PR. However, with more light being shed on this area by brands and influencers failing to follow the CMA guidelines, it’s even more important to manage the relationship between brands and influencers carefully (if you need consultancy or support managing or developing influencer campaigns and relationships, please get in touch).

Image via Twitter

  • Netflix’s Fyre Festival documentary has influencers like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin in hot legal water over their fees, after failing to label any promotion with #AD or #Sponsored

  • The backlash from the Fyre Festival documentary has sparked an industry debate regarding influencers. While some believe it’s a warning to consumers to not blindly believe their favourite celebrities, others argue it’s only highlighted just how powerful using influencers to push a product can be, proving it to be a highly effective marketing tool

  • A US agency has released the data behind the most streamed videos on YouTube to help brands create the most effective content with vloggers. Beauty vlogs, gaming channels and music all came out on top.

  • The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has started cracking down on influencers who aren’t labelling their posts with #AD or #Sponsored

  • AI has been shown to improve influencer marketing campaign performance by 150%

  • American YouTuber James Charles proves the impact influencers have on their audience, as his visit to Birmingham to open a new Morphe Cosmetic store caused gridlock, due to the vast amount of people who travelled across the UK to meet him.

Social media news

Facebook is considering merging Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, leading to lots of concerns being publicised from privacy and anti-trust experts. We’ll keep you updated with any information on the timelines surrounding the merge, and the possible marketing implications this will have.

Amongst all the idyllic shots of their glamorous lives, celebrities such as Kate Beckinsale are being praised for broadcasting their “hospital selfies” - it will be interesting to see how celebrity content evolves in the age of influencers!

PR campaigns

Let’s take a look at some of the excellent campaigns our team have been working on this month, alongside one of our favourites from the wider PR world.

Jaywing PR highlights

The University of Law - Banksy’s destroyed artwork

Following Banksy’s shredding stunt last year, a University of Law tutor pulled together the legal ramifications of their actions, which we compiled to send out to the press.

Whilst distributing the release over Christmas, a new Banksy piece was found, which meant there was even more publicity about the street artist. This gave us more opportunities to share our story, leading to some fantastic results!




We achieved lots of national coverage from this story, highlights include Mail Online, Forbes, The Sun, Daily Star, Mirror Online and the Metro.

City Lit - Money Talk

A second language can set you apart from the competition in the job market, so we set out to find out if speaking a second language can increase your annual earnings.

Working alongside adult education college, City Lit, we carried out a survey to find out the average salary of those who can speak a range of common languages. From the findings, we were then able to identify the top-earning language."

We were able to target a variety of niches with this story, including education, regionals, travel and financial publications.


The campaign generated lots of great pieces of coverage and links, with titles including West Wales Chronicle, Kensington Chelsea and Westminster Today, Further Education News, and Money Magpie.

Industry highlight

Poundland launches its own line of engagement rings

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, Poundland started selling engagement rings. According to Poundland, the rings give people the opportunity to propose “before they need to invest in the real rock” and are designed to be more of a placeholder than the real deal.

The campaign led to coverage on publications such as Marie Claire, the Mail Online and the Daily Mirror, and Piers Morgan even “proposed” to Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain using the bargain bling.


Image viaTwitter

January has been a busy month! We’re very excited to see the launch of Vogue Business, it’s always great to see new outlets emerging in the publishing world. We’re also going to be keeping a very close eye on what the CMA does next when it comes to paid sponsorship. We always follow best practice, but it’s clear to see that there’s some work to do before the guidelines are being followed consistently.

Get in touch if you want to find out more about any of the above, or just to say hello.