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Karolina  Drozdowska, Media Relations Manager

The author

Karolina Drozdowska

Media Relations Manager

Every month, we gather and share the latest industry updates from the media landscape, and instead of keeping this insight to ourselves, we thought we would share them with you too.

By monitoring the media daily, we spot the latest news and PR campaigns from across the globe - keep on reading to find out our favourites.

Publishing news

This month has seen a mixture of challenges and successes within the publishing industry, starting with the news of JPI Media seeking to cut up to 70 full-time editorial roles from across the UK. The majority of these redundancies will be across its regional titles, such as at the Yorkshire Post and the Sunderland Echo, with its daily national newspaper i being exempt.

In amongst the changes, JPI Media also announced that it is going to pilot a newsroom restructure in the northeast region, focusing on a “digital first” approach. Journalists will be focusing on writing online content as opposed to focusing on the print production process. The trial will begin in June for three months, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on how this affects their news reporting.

The Financial Times announced that it has reached a paying readership of 1 million, which is a new record for the publication. Digital subscriptions now account for more than three-quarters of their subscriber base.

  • Scotsman publisher JPI Media looks to cut up to 70 editorial staff across UK but exempts the i paper

  • The Financial Times reaches 1m paying readership off the back of ‘strong business performance’

  • The i makes a deal to publish ‘selected highlights’ from Financial Times

  • Mirror and Express team up for a campaign to bring people together amid Brexit divisions

  • JPI Media to trial ‘digital first’ newsroom restructure at northeast titles

Influencer news

After Instagram announced it’s Checkout feature for brands a couple of months ago, as we predicted, it is now testing this feature with a small set of influencers. Creators such as Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid, will be able to tag their posts with shoppable links so you can buy directly through their feed. This will help us to measure the impact influencers have on sales, and both creators and brands will receive “shared insights” from Instagram.

With the Checkout feature, we’ll be able to measure influencer marketing better than ever, however, in Canada, Instagram is testing hiding likes on posts in an attempt to “regain focus on images”. Depending on feedback from Canadian users, this could be rolled out to all users, making it tougher for influencers to demonstrate how engaging their content is.  However, it could help to prevent creators from “buying likes” and gaming the system, meaning more authentic content and engagement. We’ll have to wait and see how Canadian users respond to the test!

We’re also seeing the results of the CMA’s warning to influencers and brands alike when it comes to labelling sponsored posts, with the use of #ad doubling in a year.

  • Instagram’s new “check out” update is now being tested amongst influencers and celebrities including Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian.

  • Use of #ad more than doubles in a year following the CMA’s crackdown earlier this year.

  • Digiday polled client-side marketers to reveal one in four (27%) say the biggest obstacle they face with influencer marketing is measuring performance and struggling to find influencers to work with. Similarly, one in five (20%) said they don’t know how to tell if an influencer is “influential”.

  • Big brands like Coca Cola, FIFA and Sony are turning to Chinese social media platform TikTok to run cheaper influencer marketing campaigns.

  • Instagram is testing hiding likes in Canada in an attempt to regain focus on images.


PR Campaigns

Let’s take a look at some of the excellent campaigns our team have been working on this month, alongside one of our favourites from the wider PR world.

Latest Jaywing PR campaigns

Oxford Open Learning: Career Change

We’ve been working with Oxford Open Learning for nearly three years, focusing on a range of content topics within the education and careers’ sectors, and our latest campaign was launched during National Careers Week. To complement Oxford Open Learning’s on-site asset, the Profession Picker, we surveyed 2,000 adults to find out what their career priorities are, revealing that working hours and salaries are the main considerations when it comes to changing jobs.


We promoted the research and on-site asset, securing 13 pieces of coverage and 11 additional links. Highlights included:

CarParts4Less - Avoid Invalidating your Insurance

The team created an informative mailer, outlining some common practices motorists are doing which may invalidate their car insurance. This included not securing your pet when driving, and parents registering themselves as the main driver of their child’s car.


We promoted the mailer and achieved over 140 pieces of regional and national coverage, highlights included:

Industry highlight

Dove, Getty Images & Girlgaze: Largest stock photo library ever to represent real women 

Dove partnered with Getty Images and Girlgaze to create the world’s largest stock photo library created by women and non-binary individuals. The library consisted of more than 5,000 images, created by 116 Girlgaze photographers and designed to shatter beauty stereotypes on a global scale.


And that’s a wrap for this month! Are you happy to hear that JPI Media will have a “digital-first” focus for its northeast titles? What are your thoughts on Instagram’s latest updates? Tweet us your thoughts @JaywingPR or get in touch via our website - we’d love to hear from you!