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How could the Instagram Checkout update change influencer marketing?

Danielle Harrod, Account Manager

The author

Danielle Harrod

Account Manager

Last week, Instagram debuted its new “checkout” feature, allowing consumers to purchase directly through the app. While the update is only currently available to 23 brands, including Burberry, MAC and Adidas, the social media platform is looking to make the feature available to more and more brands in the next few months.

The new feature comes as part of the company’s mission to make its platform more e-commerce friendly, helping brands enhance the journey from discovery to purchase - but will this promise extend to the products promoted by influencers and brand ambassadors?


Image source: Instagram

With the feature only in the Beta stage, it's hard to say exactly how the development will impact influencers promoting brands and products. But, as the platform has seen a 39% increase in sponsored influencer activity between 2017 and 2018*, there’s no doubt that Instagram is leading the way in influencer marketing. Therefore rolling out any major e-commerce changes to those in partnership with the brands will only continue to set them apart from other platforms and secure their place at the top of the game.

This combination of the platform’s leading position in the influencer space, their promise to enhance the e-commerce journey, and the recent shift from organic to paid influencer content, rolling out the “checkout” feature to include ambassadors seems a natural development.

So, what would this mean for brands working with influencers? Outside of affiliate links, it’s currently difficult for brands to track the sales made from influencer activity, making ROI tricky to prove in terms of items sold. Implementing the “checkout” feature to influencers working with brands would allow conversion rates to be tracked much more easily, and would arguably only boost the industry as the justification for influencer partnerships would become much more tangible. It’s safe to say, if the feature isn’t rolled out to these kinds of accounts, the platform will have missed a trick.

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*Research carried out by Tel Aviv: