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Claudia Dalton, Senior Account Executive

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Claudia Dalton

Senior Account Executive

Sky Vegas wanted some engaging activity to raise brand awareness and align it with the thrills of Las Vegas. As Vegas is all about extravagance and the thrill of winning, we decided to give one lucky person the chance to take an all-expenses paid trip there and spend £24,000 in 24 hours. 

We launched a competition via social media to find our winner, the entries came flooding in, and it was time to start the planning. How do we give someone the trip of a lifetime, spending £24,000 in 24 hours and what’s the best way to document it all?

The activity needed to be filmed, so our video guys at Epiphany jumped on board. We also wanted the trip and final video to get the media coverage it deserved, so asked the News Editor of the Daily Star Sunday to join us and the winners in Vegas. He took very little persuasion (as you can imagine) and the newspaper was perfect for the Sky Vegas target audience. 

The competition came to a close and our winner was chosen. Paul had us in stitches when we spoke to him on Skype and his previous trip to Vegas was a disaster so we wanted to give him a second go at Sin City. 

While Paul and his guest, best mate Jake, were getting ridiculously excited and preparing for the challenge to spend £24,000 in 24 hours, it was all hands on deck in the office. We researched the most extravagant and expensive things to do in Vegas, made numerous phone calls to the US and figured out how to work with an ever-changing exchange rate. The final result was a trip itinerary that most of us could only dream of! 

Next stop Vegas... 

We all met at the airport, the 12 cases between eight people (for four days) were checked in, the WhatsApp group was set up and the Vegas dream team was born! 

Throughout ’24 Hours in Vegas’, the winners enjoyed the full VIP treatment, including first class flights, a penthouse suite, Grand Canyon flight, gambling with $5000 and tasting a world famous $1000 ice cream sundae. 

For the team on the other side it wasn’t quite so glam. Between managing all the winners activity, making sure the video team had enough time to get the shots they needed, keeping track of the budgets and keeping the journalist entertained, all while dealing with jet lag, the American mall shopping we had envisaged doing went completely out of the window! 

The whole campaign was a huge success and we couldn’t have chosen better winners. Paul and Jake took on every challenge thrown their way, including a challenge to eat a 4lb burrito, and kindly shared their final activity with the rest of the group – a VIP club experience. It was the perfect way to end the trip - even if it made the journey home much more of a struggle than the journey there! 

Here you can see exactly what happened when Sky Vegas gave Paul and Jake £24,000 to spend in 24 hours in Las Vegas: