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Jessica Timms, Account Executive

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Jessica Timms

Account Executive

Flashback to the 1st August.

It's my first day at a new job. Having spent the last few months travelling I'm feeling rusty. I have all the usual first day job nerves: will I fit in with the team? Will they like me? Have I, and they, made the right choice?

Within five minutes of walking through the door, I knew I had made the right decision. The team were lovely and welcoming and made me feel immediately at ease. After a quick tour of the building, it was time to set up my laptop and familiarise myself with the times and locations of my introductory meetings planned for the next few days.

Coming from a more Digital PR and SEO background, I was interested to see how I could bring some knowledge used in my previous role to my new role at Jaywing PR. I wanted to continue to build on my digital PR skills whilst learning new things and more traditional techniques from those around me. I was confident that the experience of those in the Jaywing team would help me to grow and develop my skills.

It took some getting used to being the new girl in the office and not knowing all the quirks, systems and software, as every job is different and every company has a slightly different way of working. However, the rest of the team was there to help me get up to speed answering my questions, giving me help and advice and making sure I was familiar with the Jaywing PR way.

Throughout the week I had a few introductions to clients and I was briefed on what campaigns were up and coming. I had the chance to attend a few brainstorms, draft some press releases and help out with some research projects. I felt part of the team from the start.

I quickly learnt that it isn’t all work and no play in the office. On my first day I was greeted with spectacular burger cakes by the Jaywing PR master chef herself, Alex. And we even ended the week with a Prosecco toast to two members of our team for their well deserved promotions.

A few weeks on, it already feels like I have been working here for a lot longer. I’m getting familiar with the clients, enjoying being involved in campaigns and getting to know the team.  

Overall, my first week was filled with cake, Prosecco, a lot of laughs and hard work; my Jaywing PR initiation was complete.