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Want to be viewed as an expert in your field? It’s time to get Google+ authorship!

Beth  Nunnington, Senior Account Manager

The author

Beth Nunnington

Senior Account Manager

Google+ authorship is creating a buzz in social media and if you haven’t already synced your blog, or created an author for your brand – 2014 is the time to get Google+ savvy!

Although many people we speak to are still a bit dubious about it, the fact is that it’s owned by Google, who pretty much rule the digital marketing roost and it’s likely that anything belonging to them is going to help your brand in terms of exposure and rankings.

When you are searching for things online (using Google, probably) it is likely that you may have spotted links which have a person’s face alongside them. This will usually be an article that has been written by the smiling (perhaps) figure to the left of the article link.

Personally, I find myself clicking on those links more often than those who don’t have a face attached to them. This is simply because I feel the link is more personal and brings the article to life. For some reason, I place more trust in them than ‘face-less’ posts.

To utilise this for your own brand or blog you must set up a Google+ account first. Those who use YouTube a lot or have a Gmail account will probably already have an account – whether you use it or not – due to the integration of Google’s products.


If you don’t have a Google+ account, setting one up is pretty easy – just google it (!!) or followthese instructions. Once you have an account set up, to rank as an author for the blogs or articles you write, just follow these steps:

1) Sign into your personal Google+ account and click ‘view profile’

2) Click ‘About’ below your profile photo and you’ll see an info box, allowing you to choose ‘contributor to’

3) Add the name of the blog and then underneath put the URL of the site – ideally your author page if you have one


In order for this to be successful however, there are a few factors you must take into account.

-Firstly, you should ensure that you have a decent, clear photograph as your profile picture.

-Secondly, you must check each piece of content you link to not only has ‘by [your name]’ on it but that it is also the same name used for your Google+ profile.

-Finally, check you have verified your email address and ideally ensure that it matches the domain on your main blog.


For more information and details, check out this page from Google support.

If you write for more than one blog – fear not. You can add multiple links – just repeat steps 2 and 3 as many times as necessary. This makes it a useful and very valuable tool for those who often contribute to other blogs.

If you're not yet a contributing writer, now is a good time to start. By publishing more quality articles, and linking them to your Google+ profile, you are more likely to be recognised as influential on the topics you cover.