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Alex Blakelock, Account Director

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Alex Blakelock

Account Director

Is it just us or has the digital world gone a bit animal mad recently? Being animal lovers we’re not complaining, but it did get us wondering how brands are using them to engage with their customers.

Firstly, there are the social networks created just for pets, like Yummypets and MySocialPetwork. After imagining how my dog would pull off a ‘selfie’ photo pose I wondered whether this kind of social network would take off. Opening up a discussion about it on LinkedIn, the responses received suggested that most people thought this was completely ‘bonkers’ and utterly ridiculous. 

I disagree with them.

People use social media to not only keep connected with their friends but to also share ideas and recommendations on just about anything - a concept which works perfectly for the pet industry. Sharing tips on how to care for your pets, where to buy your pets and tips on training them would make fantastic content to be shared on a social network for pets. This is especially exciting news for the pet industry, which should be able to utilise this new medium to their advantage through adverts, blogs and of course, social interaction. 

In terms of day-to-day activity, animal content seems to be working really well for brands on their social channels, probably because cute animals are something that most people like and will respond to, whether through a re-tweet or a click.   

Take ‘Grumpy Cat’ for example. I’m pretty sure that when Tabatha Bundesen started posting pictures of her cat (Tardar Sauce) looking displeased, she never dreamed that she would one day become an internet phenomenon and future movie star. (Yes, a pet cat has just signed a movie deal). 

More recently, hotel chain Ibis caught our eyes when they launched potentially the cutest advert ever. Their sleepy bunnies, snuggling into their ‘comfiest beds’ really made us ‘awww’!. The follow-up ‘behind the scenes’ video they released was similarly cute, or even cuter - what do you think?: 

On a more day-to-day level, Pets at Home regularly posts animal content, from photos of cats with funny captions to blog posts about photobombing pets and ’25 cats that suck at hide and seek’ (which we love!). 

As long as you’re sure the animals are well treated and looked after, we’re giving animal marketing campaigns a big thumbs up! 

Fridays are a great day to post a bit of humour so why not find (or even create your own) animal pictures and share them with your fans – they’re bound to get some likes! 

Similarly on a Monday, we think there’s nothing wrong with occasionally posting the odd ‘grumpy cat’ photo and asking your followers if they’re feeling the same way. Sharing humorous content helps make brands appear more human and gives your business a personable, friendly feel! 

What are your thoughts on animals taking over the social media world? Will pet social networks such as ‘YummyPets’ and ‘My Social Petwork’ be useful to brands? Should you be considering using more animal imagery in your tweets and Facebook posts? Personally, I think the answer is yes but would love to know your thoughts!