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Driving awareness across multiple sectors for Glide

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Glide started life as separate businesses delivering broadband, utilities and communications services to different markets across the UK. It is a specialist in delivering market-leading, super-fast and reliable solutions for students, residential developers and businesses, and our brief was to drive brand awareness for Glide in these sectors.

Each area of the business had specific aims, and campaigns and content needed to be bespoke to each of these objectives. Over the course of 2019, we needed to deliver two campaign peaks for the brand, supported by an active press office which would position the Glide Group as an expert in its field.


  • Increase the number of brand mentions in Glide’s target media for its main business areas – Shared Living, Business and Residential
  • Drive high quality links to the Glide websites to support search visibility


Over the course of the campaign periods, we developed a number of authoritative research-based stories, supported by press office activity to secure guest blogs, advice pieces and links back to the Glide site. Some campaign examples include:

Regeneration hotspots

We sent Freedom of Information requests to local councils to uncover the regions with the highest number of empty commercial and domestic properties, to find the areas with the biggest potential for regeneration. A national release was developed, looking at the overall number of uninhabited buildings, and provided a top ten list of cities. To ensure it was of interest to both property and construction and business press, we also analysed the top ten for both commercial property and homes, to give us multiple outreach angles.

Coverage included The Business Desk, Property Investor Today and Building Talk.

Smart Tech Report

Using existing research commissioned by the client, supplemented by our own desk research, we created a campaign focusing on students’ attitudes to technology, and how accommodation providers can use it to support them during their first few daunting weeks of living away from home. The research was supported with expert comment from Glide, giving advice on how to ensure buildings are ready to adapt to technological advances.

Coverage included Metro, Yahoo! News and Irish News

Unreasonable requests

We polled 2,000 renters to find out what the most unusual requests are that have been made by tenants to their landlords. As well as analysing the data to find the most common household tasks tenants would expect their landlord to manage or attend to, we also asked respondents for the strangest thing they have asked their landlord to do. The campaign was supported with advice to new landlords on what is in their remit and what would class as an ‘unreasonable request’.

Coverage included Ideal Home, House Ladder and Property Reporter.



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